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November 24, 2008
Showing some of the Moi people video footage

Showing some of the Moi people video footage

We’ve met a woman who had never before seen a white person. (And she meets us, as we’re making a short film. How’s that for first impressions?)

We’ve walked down trails with men who have killed … some of whom have killed two or even four people.

We’ve heard these same men tell of their fear of witchcraft and spirits, and ultimately, death. “We have no old people,” one man said. “We all die young.”

But …

We’ve also heard dozens of Moi believers lift their voices in praise to God in a uniquely Moi way.

We’ve heard them pray and thank God that they no longer live in fear.

And we’ve heard them express their appreciation to God, and to the missionaries here, and to all the folks who have helped the missionaries who are planting a church here.

And that includes you. Thank you for the role you are playing in Tribal Missions, and investing in ministries among tribal people around the world.

Old Ways vs. New Truth

November 22, 2008


From Macon in the tribe:

The day started dubious. None of the tribal men seemed up to hiking straight down the mountain with our film crew to the river. We were trying to finish the ambush scene where they wrap the ‘body’ in a mat and throw it into the river. 

I don’t blame the tribal guys for their reluctance to make that long trek. I knew I would have a hard time to make it back, if I went down the harsh, muddy mountain trail.

Regardless, we were doing all we could to coax some of the men who were not out on the hunting party to ‘play’ this part of the ambush scene.

It was while we were earnestly praying that a group of 10, very rough looking tribal men, showed up, ready to go. These guys would scare you to death if you met them on the trail. But they broke into smiles and started snapping their fingers in the traditional Moi way of greeting and said “Abababa, Abababa” … and before you knew it, our film crew headed down the mountain, shooting some great footage. 

It was at the river, after the filming, that one of the Moi believers stood, looking at the water and began praying. He was thanking God that now he does not have to fear their old ways. 

It is our hope that the Moi journey to faith will have an impact on our American church, when they see what God has done among the Moi. 

It is having an impact right now in the hearts of the Moi believers as they consider who they were, when in bondage to the ‘old ways’ of darkness in contrast to who they are now, as they walk in the light of God’s truth.

Thank you for praying. Keep it up.

We had less rain today and we were able to keep two film crews busy. While Nate, Ben, Proctor and Rich headed to the river, Ian, Regina and I filmed some great testimonies from the missionaries and tribal believers.

Vertical Swamps

November 21, 2008
15 ...

Go read Romans 10:15 ...

This is from Macon:

What a day. We are just about killing ourselves on those vertical trails … I have cuts and bruises all over my legs, splinters in my hand and sweat that will not stop.

The film we are shooting is nothing short of incredible. This morning we were looking for a crying baby in a string bag. The Moi have poles sticking out the side of the walls on their houses from which they hang fiber string bags where they have carefully placed their babies. These poles become perfect “rockers” for a busy tribal mom. We got some great shots. And babies crying in spades! Some of the mothers are natural actors and they did a great job.

Then late this afternoon we could hear yelping and hooting and about 30 Mois arrived  from a village two days hike away. They hear there is going to be a big party.

You can not believe the video footage we got as these people came marching into the camp. Yelling at the top of their lungs they got to the helipad and started dancing in a giant circle. They brought a pig to share for the upcoming feast …

Crying babies, squealing pigs, hoots and wild, joyful dancing will make for some great shots and sound effects. We could not have planned it better ourselves.

Tomorrow afternoon we will be filming a couple of tribal guys running through the jungle to set up a mock ambush. By the way … They don’t need to practice, they have all done this in real life – so we do not have to tell them what to do. They are former masters at it.

Contrast that former life with the reality of today. As I awoke at dawn and as I retired this evening, I could hear the believers singing praise to God together. They have a very unique way of doing that. We will record it all.

Amazing … the American Church needs to see and hear these people. And I am awed by the weight of responsibility to make sure what we do brings glory to God.

Like Ian Fallis said in the latest ntmfilms article: “If this film is what we want it to be, it will glorify God, stir praise and worship of our Creator, and inspire others to get involved in the work He is doing; as well as getting the Moi believers involved in all that.

Will you please join us in praying that, in God’s strength and by His power, we reach those goals?