The Moi’s Concept of Creation [ NTMfilms : Moi Tribe ]

December 8, 2008

This video features a conversation with Stephen Crockett, missionary to the Moi Tribe. He describes what the Moi believed was the creation of man.

Please pray for the NTMfilms team: MALARIA

December 7, 2008

Two of our team members, Nate Griffin and Ian Fallis, have all the symptoms of Malaria.  As we wait for test results, please pray for them both.  


The Moi’s Concept of the Earth [ NTMfilms : Moi Tribe ]

December 7, 2008

The third video of five. It features a conversation with Stephen Crockett, missionary to the Moi Tribe. He describes the Moi’s concept of the world around them.

A Tribal Celebration [ NTMfilms : Moi Tribe

December 5, 2008

NTMfilms team arrives at the Moi Tribe in the Asia-Pacific region to begin shooting for the upcoming short film.

This video features the amazing culture of the Moi people, highlighting their awesome singing & dancing.

The end of a journey

November 27, 2008


a view from our porch where we shot a ton of timelapse footage!

(from Proctor)

hey guys-

well, our 11 days in the Moi Tribe is coming to an end. It’s hard to believe i’ve been here, literally in the middle of nowhere, and it’s over!

the experiences I’ve had here are…truly indescribable. It’s truly too much to blog about. i wouldn’t even know where to start.

thank goodness we had tons of cameras! when i get back next week, i’ll be posting a few videos online that will give you a glimpse of the journey we’ve been on. and in a few months, we’ll have a really cool short film to show the world…telling the story of God’s saving grace in the Moi Tribe & the incredible work that New Tribes Mission does here and all over the world!

it’s incredible that the missionaries got their satellite internet working JUST BEFORE we arrived. So this is the first time anyone has been able to get online consistently. That’s allowed Macon Hare (NTM Exec Producer) and me to Twitter, and for all of us to check and update Facebook. We’ve also been able to update our NTMfilms blog, which has a lot of pictures and stories from the past few days.

one thing that’s been really exciting is sharing some of my experiences with a few friends. Via the power of iChat & Skype, I’ve allowed a few friends to talk to my new Moi friends LIVE! the Moi people really get a kick out of it, and enjoy singing for my friends. One friend, Biscuet, was inspired to blog about his experience. Then Vicky Beeching was so moved by his story, that she wrote on her blog about it!

i can’t wait to post the “behind the scenes” videos. but until then, here are some pictures!


flying into our small hamlet in “Moi Land”.


reflection of Ben Smallbone in the cockpit.


my first interaction with the Moi…handing them my camera and letting them experience film-making!


sitting on the porch with some Moi guys, iChatting with Biscuet.


Ben Smallbone: cinematographer extraordinaire. We don’t go anywhere without him!


prepping the HeliMission chopper pilot what shots we want to get.


Nate & i getting ready for our chopper shoot. both doors were taken off, and we hung halfway out during flight to get the shots we needed. it was a rush!

In a week here …

November 24, 2008
Showing some of the Moi people video footage

Showing some of the Moi people video footage

We’ve met a woman who had never before seen a white person. (And she meets us, as we’re making a short film. How’s that for first impressions?)

We’ve walked down trails with men who have killed … some of whom have killed two or even four people.

We’ve heard these same men tell of their fear of witchcraft and spirits, and ultimately, death. “We have no old people,” one man said. “We all die young.”

But …

We’ve also heard dozens of Moi believers lift their voices in praise to God in a uniquely Moi way.

We’ve heard them pray and thank God that they no longer live in fear.

And we’ve heard them express their appreciation to God, and to the missionaries here, and to all the folks who have helped the missionaries who are planting a church here.

And that includes you. Thank you for the role you are playing in Tribal Missions, and investing in ministries among tribal people around the world.

Streams in the Valley

November 24, 2008
Tipaye is in the back, standing next to the post.

Tipaye is in the back, standing next to the post.

From Proctor this morning:Saturday was the most physically challenging day since we’ve arrived, for me at least. We hiked a grueling hour down steep, muddy slopes to arrive at a beautiful waterfall and a turbulent river.

It was definitely worth the pain my right thigh endured as I slipped and fell multiple times, catching myself with my right leg and grabbing at the roots sticking out of the ground.

The reward I had hoped for was there; a few hours of filming the shots we needed, then jumping in the river and swimming with the local tribesman. It was a blast.

But God had another surprise for me. You see, I had befriended one of the young believers, named “Tipaye” (pronounced “Se-pah-yay”), and when I was sharing my powerbar with the others, he didn’t seem interested.

He was off by himself, completely lost in what he was doing: listening to an MP3 player with white headphones!! (congrats, Steve Jobs, you’ve managed to extend the digital music culture you created to the ends of the earth!)

I took an interest in what he was doing, as he seems to do things differently than the others. His mind seemed elsewhere.

Tipaye pulled the earbuds off and put them up to my ears. I had no idea what he might be listening to. National hip-hop? Island reggae beats? PNG’s pidgin rap artist “O-Shen”???

No. It was Robin Mark singing “Lion of Judah”. Celtic worship music filled with rich doctrine!

I was floored.

Now I know he probably doesn’t really understand what all is being sung … but he sure seemed into it!

It brought me back to a service I’ll never forget. Back in July, Nate & I were with Beth Moore in Minneapolis for Living Proof Live. We stayed an extra day so that we could visit John Piper’s church. “Lion of Judah” was the main song that ushered in our corporate time of worship, and the whole service seemed to bleed with a mission heartbeat.

For some reason, it was a really powerful Sunday that I will never forget. It made me think of New Tribes Mission and the work being done in some of the remote places in the world where there are no churches and other believers to reach the unreached.

As I look back, it’s encouraging to see that when God leads me on crazy journey down a deep valley, there He is. With a refreshing stream to relax and play in, and with a brother who’s got more in common with me than I ever expected.