The Moi’s Concept of Creation [ NTMfilms : Moi Tribe ]

December 8, 2008

This video features a conversation with Stephen Crockett, missionary to the Moi Tribe. He describes what the Moi believed was the creation of man.

Please pray for the NTMfilms team: MALARIA

December 7, 2008

Two of our team members, Nate Griffin and Ian Fallis, have all the symptoms of Malaria.  As we wait for test results, please pray for them both.  


The Moi’s Concept of the Earth [ NTMfilms : Moi Tribe ]

December 7, 2008

The third video of five. It features a conversation with Stephen Crockett, missionary to the Moi Tribe. He describes the Moi’s concept of the world around them.

A Tribal Celebration [ NTMfilms : Moi Tribe

December 5, 2008

NTMfilms team arrives at the Moi Tribe in the Asia-Pacific region to begin shooting for the upcoming short film.

This video features the amazing culture of the Moi people, highlighting their awesome singing & dancing.

Next time, someone else does the blog …

November 23, 2008

Ian’s computer died. But he’s able to borrow equipment to send stuff to me.  I’m happy to post it for him.

Here’s the latest from him:

We got some awesome shots from the helicopter this morning!

Actually, we didn’t. They did. They told me to stay here and blog. But then they said they got great stuff. Told me all about the amazing views, and incredible footage. Told me I could watch it later. But I’m not jealous. Really.

(Memo to self: Next time, someone else does the blog.)

We’re really grateful to Helimission and pilot Gunter Stroh for putting up with those guys. They can be really mean and … oops, sorry, forgot this isn’t about me. Gunter took the doors off and chatted over the shots and told us what he did and did not feel comfortable doing, for safety sake — which is a very good thing.

We’re actually starting to wrap up the shots we need for the short film, and will soon be able to move on to “extras.” Still trying to think up something humorous. If you have any ideas, leave a comment!

And thanks for praying about the rain. Your prayers were so effective that we had a good laugh the other day. You see, all day long we had only a tiny bit of rain. Then it poured all night long. I was even chuckling as I walked in the dark through the mud. (I think the sound I will most associate with this place is “squoooosh.”)

Please, would you not only pray that it not rain during the mornings and afternoons as we’re trying to film, but rain a bit less overall? Thanks! By the way, we’re 14 hours ahead of USA East Coast time, but God knows that as you pray.